Prototyping advice

I shrunk as much as I could a list of useful advice I received from the developer I most idolize. Hope that’s useful to you.

  • Explore new playable concepts
  • Clone at least one Mario mechanic

  • Start a prototype with a question

  • Playable build ASAP
  • Playtest each build a THOUSAND times observing the players’ patterns
  • Everything starts with an input, it’s the only way the player can communicate with the game
  • Focus on GAMEPLAY and in your CORE MECHANIC

  • Your toy is your main ingredient, think of what you can mix with it

  • Analyze EVERY action parameter and experiment with them

  • Have a minimum and maximum for each challenge

  • Use the challenge to define the game’s flow

  • See your game as a OCR loop with another micro loop inside of it (Objective > Challenge > Reward)

  • Reward immediately EVERY positive behavior

  • Failures must have a cost

  • When polishing look for the best possible design, sound, and visuals

  • Make a code library

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