CockaTune Post-Mortem

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I participated in the GMTK game jam and we made CockaTune. Here are the main takeaways from that experience:

What I did right

  • Had almost ten playable builds on the first day

  • Managed to add every asset made to the game I’ve had bad previous experiences where we had to throw away a bunch of stuff made for the jam. I didn’t want this to happen this time.

  • Met and worked with an incredible team - Franek, Brodux, Bruno & Jasioloza

  • Added a few optional challenges throughout the game instead of a completely linear experience

What I could’ve done better

  • Had all mechanics ready earlier, after that add no more

  • Go for more risky ideas, something crazy and different

  • Even if it lasts a few days, keep a backup/repository in case of any random crashes


Play CockaTune!

Basically I could add a bunch of useful advice from that experience to my previous post about prototyping. So now I have an self-advice page where I’m keeping a updated list of advice that works for me. Feel free to use what works for you.

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